Facebook Mosaic

As an Electronic Artist I am always looking for ways to recontextualize the role technology plays in our lives. Facebook Mosaic is a program I wrote that takes three profile pictures from a Facebook news feed, and blends them together dynamically using one color channel from each photo.

Many of us use Facebook daily to communicate and share with friends and family around the world. This forum has become the new “watercooler,” but with a reach not bound by time or space. This new reach and mode of interaction presents us with new ways to think about identity.

Although there is a level of separation between our “real” selves and our profile, Facebook provides a melting pot for our identities to blend together like a large mosaic with many pieces from different people coming together to create a dynamic collaborative whole. My goal with this piece was to represent this abstract concept in a simple, playful, and interactive way.

Move the cursor from right to left over the image to change the mosaic pixel size. You can also use the letters ‘a’ ‘d’ and ‘f’ to isolate the three individual images. Pressing the space bar loads a new mosaic. Currently, the pool of photos is a preset lot of 276. The next iteration will have a Facebook login that will allow users to pull photos directly from their live feed. Have fun seeing what mosaics you can create.

Create a Facebook Mosaic Now!


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