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Technicolour Fabrique

In January of 2011 I designed and built a LED light jacket for my birthday party. I branded the project Technicolour Fabrique. The jacket used flexible waterproof LEDs, had a remote control for selecting color and effects, and was powered by a battery that fits in the front pocket. In October of the same year I expanded the project and added pants and a fedora to make a whole suit. I also lined the entire thing in white satin so the LEDs are not visible when they are off. I have used the suit for many works of art including photography, film, and performance.

UPDATE: Sept 12, 2013 I am currently working on a 2.0 version of the suit that uses a microcontroller and is much more versatile. It is much lighter and more comfortable. I hope to be done with the 2.0 version by October of this year.
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