Rainbow Ribbon

This Java Script based drawing tool allows the user to create, save, and print digital drawings on the web. The tool follows the mouse wherever it goes on the canvas, creating a continuous line and a color trail that reaches from the initial to the current cursor position. The line and trail change color inversely in a rainbow-like fashion relative to X and Y position of the cursor on the canvas. A click of the mouse draws a circle of random size and resets the initial position from which the trail is created.

A click also prevents the trail preceding it from changing color with movement of the mouse. There are four user selectable blending modes to change how the color trail interacts with what has already been drawn on the canvas.

Try Rainbow Ribbon Now

  • Rainbow_Ribbon_1 Rainbow_Ribbon_1
  • Rainbow_Ribbon_2 Rainbow_Ribbon_2
  • Rainbow_Ribbon_3 Rainbow_Ribbon_3
  • Rainbow_Ribbon_4 Rainbow_Ribbon_4
  • Rainbow_Ribbon_5 Rainbow_Ribbon_5
  • Rainbow_Ribbon_6 Rainbow_Ribbon_6
  • Rainbow_Ribbon_7 Rainbow_Ribbon_7
  • Rainbow_Ribbon_8 Rainbow_Ribbon_8
  • Rainbow_Ribbon_9 Rainbow_Ribbon_9
  • Rainbow_Ribbon_10 Rainbow_Ribbon_10
  • Rainbow_Ribbon_11 Rainbow_Ribbon_11
  • Rainbow_Ribbon_12 Rainbow_Ribbon_12
  • Rainbow_Ribbon_13 Rainbow_Ribbon_13
  • Rainbow_Ribbon_14 Rainbow_Ribbon_14
  • Rainbow_Ribbon_15 Rainbow_Ribbon_15
  • Rainbow_Ribbon_16 Rainbow_Ribbon_16
  • Rainbow_Ribbon_17 Rainbow_Ribbon_17
  • Rainbow_Ribbon_18 Rainbow_Ribbon_18
  • Rainbow_Ribbon_19 Rainbow_Ribbon_19
  • Rainbow_Ribbon_20 Rainbow_Ribbon_20


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