Fabricating a Parametric Model with Pepakura

For this project I helped my friend Ben Ortega, a MARC student at UNM, build a model he developed with Grasshopper and Millipede. I used Pepakura to design the unfolded parts and lay them out. He and I then built the model using the paper parts and some tacky glue.

Here is the model next to the unfolded parts in Pepakura.

Parametric Pepakura unfold

Here are some photos of us building the model. In some of the photos you can see a smaller 3D printed model we were using for reference.

  • 20130428-114917.jpg 20130428-114917.jpg
  • 20130428-114903.jpg 20130428-114903.jpg
  • 20130428-114855.jpg 20130428-114855.jpg
  • 20130428-114845.jpg 20130428-114845.jpg
  • 20130428-114834.jpg 20130428-114834.jpg
  • 20130428-114827.jpg 20130428-114827.jpg
  • 20130428-114816.jpg 20130428-114816.jpg
  • 20130428-114806.jpg 20130428-114806.jpg
  • 20130428-114758.jpg 20130428-114758.jpg
  • 20130428-114749.jpg 20130428-114749.jpg
  • 20130428-114738.jpg 20130428-114738.jpg
  • 20130428-114729.jpg 20130428-114729.jpg
  • 20130428-114721.jpg 20130428-114721.jpg
  • 20130428-114713.jpg 20130428-114713.jpg
  • 20130428-114704.jpg 20130428-114704.jpg
  • 20130428-114638.jpg 20130428-114638.jpg
  • 20130428-114628.jpg 20130428-114628.jpg
  • 20130428-114620.jpg 20130428-114620.jpg
  • 20130428-114610.jpg 20130428-114610.jpg

Here is a flyover of the finished model.

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